Nancy St. John

Half Moon Bay, CA.

Adam brings his artistic soul and enormous talent to everything he does and his illustrated portraits demonstrate his ability to capture the true character of a person.


In this portrait of Anthony Bourdain, Adam illustrates Tony’s complex personality as a rebel journalist and chef, a worldly seeker of knowledge and an old soul always looking for his next adventure. Adam was able to capture all of this in one portrait.


Now Tony looks over me at my desk, his spirit embodied through his tired but all knowing eyes and his personal journey chronicled in the tattoos on his arms.  It takes great character to see character in another but then to capture it in one perfect portrait is incredible. Thank you Adam for sharing this treasured gift.


Lorenne Clarke


Adam Howard is not only an exceptionally talented portrait artist with a highly imitable, unique, and meticulous style, but also a phenomenal human in every regard. 


Recently, I was very honored to have Adam sketch my portrait. The end product was absolutely jaw-dropping!  Adam strongly demonstrates his innate artistic ability in capturing the internal/external essence and human spirit of EACH “subject” he illustrates. One of Adam’s many great strengths as an acclaimed portrait artist, lies in catching the realism and sparkle in his “subject’s” eyes; the windows of the soul. Adam Howard is masterful! 


I am so appreciative to Adam for his illustration; a  stunning, priceless treasure. I highly recommend  commissioning a portrait today. Adam Howard’s portraits immortalize the beauty, goodness, and light in all of us. Thank you, Adam!

LaurenClarke_002 2.jpg

Samantha Ray


"Better than a photograph! I received an illustration as a gift shortly after the passing of my father and Visual Effects Editor, Steve R. Moore. The illustration brought warmth to my heart and a smile on my face during times so hard. Adam was able to express my father’s warm personality and expression in fine detail, all the way down to the glimmer in his eyes. Thank you Adam!"

Tracey Doyle

Santa Paula, CA.

Words are inadequate to describe Adam Howard's prodigious talent. Our commissioned original artwork is a masterpiece we'll cherish, always. His subjects encompass Greats within the entertainment realm with whom he has created movie magic, as well as loved ones within his inner circle or those who've been fortunate to enter his orbit for a whirl or several.

Take a few to appreciate some of his master illustrations. A tippy taste of this Man's genius.

Katherine Zajonc


Thank you Adam for the beautiful illustration of me.

Your attention to detail and the finest of pencil strokes that capture every single feature of my facial expression and hair style just amazed me beyond words.  It hangs proudly in my husband's study and  going by all the comments he gets, we know how realistic your portraits are .

Thank you again  for your beautiful work again and look forward to you  doing some more for members of my family. They would make a fabulous present for any special occasion!

Hollywood, CA

I want you all to know that I have known Adam Howard since we first met in 1980. We were working on Australia’s Music show, ‘Countdown’.

3 million people viewed this show every week. Adam was a budding visual effects guy and I was the voice over announcer.


I have watched with sheer amazement, Adam’s rise to visual effects stardom with much pride and joy.


His artistry is to be enjoyed by the masses. Adam has a special gift of recreating images and bringing them to life in his own special way. You just have to see here on his website.


I have loved all his drawings that express the true essence of his subjects. Adam Howard is a true talent, a great person and a damn fine visual effects supervisor.


Give the youngster a go and commission one for yourself and family. You won’t be disappointed.

Judith Howard

Deepdene, VIC.

Adam's Portraits are sensational.

They are light and bright and have a contemporary style which allows them to complement any decor.

He is a master of his craft. His portraits can give great pleasure now, and will become cherished heirlooms in the future.

I am so honoured to have been one of his subjects.....mine was a greatly appreciated gift for a special Birthday.

What a great idea !

Lesley Callahan


As the heart break of the sudden passing of my Dad settled in for a long stay in my heart, Adam brought a gift to me that touched and healed me. It was a portrait he had done of my Dad, unsolicited, from the picture the newspaper had printed with his obituary. Although he had never met my Dad, Adam's portrait was so life like. His ability to see beyond the black and white and capture my Dad's personality is a gift. From the special twinkle in my Dad's blue eyes, to the wry smile he used when he had a secret to share. Yes, I have many photos of my Dad , but Adam's portrait brings my Dad to life in a way that makes me feel he's in the room with me sharing a joke, or ready to hear one. Thank You Adam. You have given my family a treasure we will always cherish.

Hollywood, CA

I was delighted to be a subject of an Adam Howard creative realization. We have worked together closely and so he was able to appreciate my inner personality . Easy to draw one could say . 

But I see his drawings of people like Mick Jagger and many others and every time he finds the inner magic .. the soul of his subject .

That is truly a talent . 

I've now grown to love those creases on my forehead and eyes .. not to mention my turkey neck!! That's the real me.

Thank you Adam for realizing it so exquisitely.

Hollywood, CA

Adam Howard's artistry is outstanding. He has brought his considerable skills to visual effects in many feature films for decades and is also a remarkable fine artist who's work is always superb. Adam has a great design sense and the ability to create dynamic composition. Adam's warmth and sense of humor shine brightly in his caricature art and his traditional portraiture is truly impressive.


I am proud of our friendship and happily endorse him.

Lisa Spencer

Santa Monica, CA

I have known Adam Howard for over 10 years. Adam is one of the most talented, passionate artists I have ever met. His work exudes emotion on every level. His talent goes above and beyond any artist I have ever known. There is a pure depth in each piece of work he creates, much like poetry and music. When I saw his first illustration I felt touched beyond words. I can actually feel the emotions of the characters he draws, it’s truly remarkable and one of a kind. I am honored to know Adam and have some of his original work, which I will always cherish.

Sassafras, VIC

I first met Adam in about 1985 when I was creating a circus with magic and illusions as a feature. I wanted a poster and he designed me one that was just fabulous! We have kept in touch over the 30 years since that first meeting and I am so glad we have. It gives me much pleasure to see how well he has done. It's a success that is certainly well deserved. When he asked if he could do my portrait I was very flattered, especially when he showed me the final work. What a talented and gifted artist he is and I greatly value his friendship. I am honoured to be included in his portfolio. Yours magically, Ross.


After seeing samples of his work, I commissioned Adam to do a portrait of my grandmother Irene Freitas six months after she had passed away.


She lived to 106 years and 160 days. She lived a wonderful life to the fullest. 


Adam was able to capture the very spark and essence that she possessed with pencil and marker perfectly. I look forward to having Adam create more family portraits for me.


Adam & I go way back to the late 1970's, having performed in a groovy, jazzy swing choir in our teens.

On the occasion of my 5oth birthday my partner gathered video tributes as a surprise from long time friends around the globe. Adam responded with a really special surprise - that had my darling bursting with joy. An absolutely amazing surprise portrait. What a beautiful, artistic achievement. 

Adam's portraits are so very personal, uniquely capturing every wonderful detail of personality; a real study; a combination of flattery & truthfulness.

Although Al Hirschfeld in New York was a master caricaturist, I suspect Adam Howard is the west coasts' classy contemporary. So talented in so many ways - and he's my friend. What a lasting piece of history I'll treasure, forever.